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Ceramic Pulley Lagging

Hofmann  Leading wear resistant  Technology components manufacturer,  features ceramic pulley lagging as an ideal solution for producers who wish to boost productivity by eliminating costly belt slippage problems. Particularly suited to abrasive or highly wet or dry applications, Hofmann's ceramic lagging provides significantly greater traction than conventional lagging.

Hofmann's high-grade alumina ceramic tiles -- which cover the pulley face and become its drive surface -- create the highest coefficient of friction available in a lagging material under wet, dry or muddy conditions. Each tile is :" 20mm square and surfaced with 13 slightly raised, rounded "buttons" that press into the belt's bottom cover. This proprietary design yields the highest coefficient of friction available in lagging materials -- two to three times higher than rubber.

During the bulk material transfer, the equipment/machinery interacts with a broad spectrum of grain sizes ranging from big lumps to fine dust size particles. Wear is thus caused both by the abrasive action of finer particles & impact force by lumps. Catering for the twin requirement of wear and impact, Wear resistant Alumina is combined with impact resistant Rubber. This material combination acts as a perfect solution for bulk material conveyance applications. Our  Rubber backed ceramics formulation has been specifically designed to cater for wear & impact prone environments. Some of the application areas are as mentioned below:

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