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Pump Sleeve and Mechnical Seal

Advanced Ceramics uses in the chemical  industry to  improves efficiency. The excellent abrasion and corrosion resistance of our products make them suitable for  acidic and alkaline environments. Property of  chemical inertness of ceramics  helps  to create solutions for chemical industry.


HOFMANN offers you a broad range of engineered ceramics in various composition based on Alumina, Zirconia, Carbides, Nitrides etc.

ALUMINA  ceramics offers uniform density and therefore give better performance and dimensional stability. These   ceramic parts are engineered and manufactured to combat wear and erosion. Zirconia gives better Impact property.


    Ceramic Sleeves for Chemical pump handling chemicals, mud slurry etc.
    Ceramic Plungers for Chemical pump handling chemicals, mud, oil etc.
    Ceramic Seals for rotary parts like pumps, compressor etc.
    Ceramic Capstan, Pulleys etc for wire drawing machine etc.
    Ceramic Impeller MOC of carbide for chemical pumps handling chemicals and abrasive material at high temperature.
    Ceramic Nozzles for Paper Industries.
    Ceramic Scrapper in place of Tungsten Carbide  Scrapper used in centrifuges Mixers etc.

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