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High Alumina Ceramic Lined Bend

The wear resistant Ceramic pipe, Band & Elbow are an excellent wear protection that is used
in all industries where wear resistance is needed. The high alumina ceramics are installed onto
the internal surface of the pipe properly by welding, pasting or inter-locking the system. With the
brilliant properties of resistance to wear, corrosion and heat , the pipe is widely used in material
handling of coal industry, electric power, metallurgy, mining and chemical industry and it is one
ideal wear-resistant material. It last more than 10 to 20 times than metallic material.


Hofmann Ceratuff  Lined Pipe  and Bend Application :

Pulverized Coal Pipe Line, Bends, Burner Pipe, 

Ash Pipe Line, 

Cement and Raw Material Handling Pipeline and Bends.

Silica and other mineral Handling Pipeline and Bends.


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