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Wear and Corrossion Resistant Ceramic Coating

Ceramic liquid are advanced composites formulated to withstand cavitations, abrasion, corrosion. This is a two part system containing hard ceramic particles of predetermined size and shape to ensure long lasting surface protection.

1. Ceramic filled and fibred reinforced.
2. Superior adhesion to almost all clean surface.
3. Protection against corrosion, cavitations, abrasion.
4. Easy to use and fast to cure.
5. Room temperature application.

Chemicals Pump, Pulp seperator, Impeller, Pump Casing, Heat Exchangers, Etc. and as super coating on HOFMANN WR POLY COMPOUND/ MICROBEAD COAT/ POLY CERAMIC COMPOUND to attain smooth finish.


Compressive Strength                    950 kgs/cm2
Tensile Shear Strength                   170kgs/cm2
Flexural Strength                            550kgs/cm2
Working Time at 30` C                   30-40 minutes
Final Curing Time at 30`C              3-4 hrs
Hardness Shore D                         80D
Hardness of Alumina                     9 MOH

Mixing Ratio                                  3R:1H

Mixed Viscosity                             25000 to 30000 cps

Thermal Conductivity                   1.30-1.5  W/(m•K)

Density                                         1.5 to 1.7grm/cc
Specific Volume / Coverage         0.65 CC/Grm
Max Operating Temperature         210 deg C
Kit Size                                         1 kgs/8 kgs

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