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Hofmann Microbead Coat

This is a two parts system that provides a superior armor coating for Hoppers, Chutes, Fans,
Impeller, Pump Casing, Elbow etc. that require superior resistance to severe abrasion. It
contains hard ceramic beads to ensure long lasting surface protection.

Features and Benefit

1. High performing system, which cures to sapphire like hardness that resists large
particle abrasive wear.
2. Non-sag paste which confirms to irregular surface and can easily be applied to
vertical overhead areas without sagging or running.
3. Easy to mix and use: No special skill is required. It can be mixed easily, quickly
and applied without any special tools of skills.
4. Increases productivity by cutting downtime. Surface can be renewed within
almost on time.
5. Saves time, extends life, reduces maintenance and need for costly wear parts

I.D. fans, Impeller, Pneumatic Conveying Elbow, Slurry Pump, San Pump, Cyclone
Separator, Hopper, Chute etc. where erosion occurs due to flow of Size less than 6mm

Compressive strength :                        900kg/cm2
Flexural strength :                                550kg/cm2
Maximum Operating Temperature :     220deg.C
Shore Hardness :                                 95 D.
Working time at 30deg.C :                   30 to 40 minutes.
Cure time at 30deg. C :                        3 to 4 hours.
Mix Ratio :                                            2R:1H
Kit size :                                               1kg./8kg.
Coverage :                                            13.5 kg/M 2 with  5mm thickness.

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